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Parapon Halloween Special by Rag-Dolly
Parapon Halloween Special
thewhitewolf-mii reminded me that I was going to enter her species' halloween special: <da:thumb id="490860939">.
I managed to get this done somehow, only took me like 5 hours //smoothplz

Tongue: Common, rounded.
Eyes: Common, horizontal slit.
Ears: Uncommon, small round x2.
Feelers: Common, small x2.
Tentacles: Common, small.
Tail: Uncommon, poof.
Halloween: Two headed, devil horns.
Misc: Wings are actually semi transparent.
Other: The horned head is smaller.

Anything I'm missing please let me know~

Art copyrighted to me, Parapon Species copyrighted to thewhitewolf-mii 
Res Com _Secrets by Rag-Dolly
Res Com _Secrets
Another commission for Secrets :)

Art copyrighted to me, character copyrighted to her original creator, please do not take, alter or re-use in any way, shape or form, thank you~
Okay seriously, what's with the strange amount of Llama badges I've been receiving recently? Is it actually some kind of secret code for: Your art's not terrible but not good enough to warrant an actual +fav or comment? //someoneexplainittomeplz
LoE Event 1 .1 .1 Dish and Dress by Rag-Dolly
LoE Event 1 .1 .1 Dish and Dress
Design a cultural food dish from your character's background that they might bring to one of the receptions.
Design and draw either your character's business or party attire.

I decided to draw both of these at once, since I thought she'd be adorable :u Now if only I could draw actual expressions, I'd be super happy. I hope this counts as both? If not I'm submitting it for the dress alone.

What's going on with her hair colour? Well over here the weather's been awful and I feel autumn must truly be near, hence her autumn colours. //She changes with the seasons if you didn't already know this.

Her cultural dish is plain and simple; Steamed bamboo shoots. Extremely, steamed bamboo shoots, actually. The idea is to spoon them out so Trunk went through the trouble of cutting them in half for accessibility. If you save the stewing water and add some seasoning it's a bamboo shoot soup! But she didn't think it would look very impressive in a plain ol' metal pot. 

UwU I think I'm getting better at art... A little :'3 I'm working on more Trunk images (alongside my commissions) I promise!

Art and character (as well as dress design) copyrighted to me, do not take, alter or re-use in any way, shape or form, thank you.

Ps - Edited weird tiny leg and added a simple background. 
For the LandOfEdia event.
Pick-me-up cat art contest by Rag-Dolly
Pick-me-up cat art contest
vesner's poorly, and she has such an amazing cat, I just totally felt like drawing her wee pirate. I sneaked the other one in there too ehehehe. I hope you feel better Vesner, you're an inspirational artist and I hope you feel better soon.

Art copyrighted to me, do not take, alter or re-use in any way, shape or form, thank you!
Tentatively dropping this here :u

I'll be there for a few hours :3
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AKA Porkydoll
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Hey there, welcome to my page and thank you for visiting!
Even though I've been a steadfast DA member for almost 10 years now, I'm still nowhere near a level I can be satisfied with, then again perhaps I never will be. None the less I hope you enjoy my work just as I enjoy making them. ♥ I am a dabbler, I love trying out new things! I'm currently aiming for a few things. Learning how to use 3D max, get a more realistic style and work up the courage to become more active in the DA community. So drop me a message should you feel so inclined :3

Current Goal: Upgrading to a Wacom Cintiq Companion.

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